Thursday, May 29, 2008

TIGERtanker... Front and Center!!

Well friends, I'm a 39 year-old history teacher with a life long passion for all things armored, from a Spartan helmet to the Abrams A2 tank. I've nurtured this passion as early as my pre-school days, and I remember drawing tank battles inside my Sesame Street coloring books. I've carried into my adult life as a tank crewman in First Cavalry Division in the late 80's. Now my days as a tanker are limited to the tabletop.

What will become obvious soon enough is that I am a Germanophile... and NOTHING will ever compare to the Panzer VIe "Tiger". It is pure poetry in line and form. Everything else seems to trickle down from that point. I'm very happy the Hitler regime did not survive the 1940's, but the tools at their disposal are simply intoxicating, and the manner in which they were used was brilliant.

I've been into wargaming since I got bored with chess. My first game was "Feudal", kinda like an "uber-chess on steriods". Trouble was I could not find anyone to play with. From that I graduated to "Axis and Allies" when I was in high school. In the service I fell in love with "Battletech", and in college I was talked into buying a copy of "Fire and Fury". I soon built several brigades of troops, guns, horses, etc. My expereince with WW2 gaming began with Panzerblitz. I never got into Squad Leader though, very strange... Anyway, the leap into the tabletop variations wasn't a large one. Now I find myself with a respectable German "Flames of War" army.

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