Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Air Cav is on the way...

FINALLY!!!! After a very long wait I can begin in all likelihood the "lynchpin" of any Vietnam gaming effort, the Huey platoon. My gaming fiend-partner Ken and I began going down the SE Asian path well over a year & a half ago, but paused indefinately because of the distinct lack of 15mm helecopters on the hobby market. Even the Revell 1/100 models were about all dried up! Honestly, if one can't model an air insertion... there really is no point to the effort.

What we have here is graphic manefest of what will go into this huey (and the two others that came with the set) So far so good, and for $20 US per helecopter, I hope they are worth it.

Stay tuned!

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