Friday, May 28, 2010

Update on battlefront Hueys, trials and solutions...

As y'all may remember, I received a three-pack of Battlefront Huey "slick" helicopters, which I still consider absolutely the best available.  I've been working off and on getting the slick ready for the table, and ready to present to you fine people.  Alas, it has been put on the back burner as I rush to finish my MainForce VC platoons.  Since the VC did little with Hueys other than shoot at them, the impetus has lessened a bit.  Add to this, my four year old son is infatuated with my helicopters and in his enthusiasm snapped-off the tail rotor blades.  It's fixable, but just another in a series of delays.  AND, I've just found a possible solution to the problem of the upper, green "sun-roof" windows above the pilots.  More on that later.

Stay tuned.... I hear that "snap-snap-snap" of Huey blades at low power as they power-down to make a landing at "LZ Tigertanker".


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