Friday, August 21, 2009

Is He Still Alive???

Uhhh, YEAH... just busy with a large dose of real-life.

Actually , I'm here to report that I am painting (again), Second World War (still), primarily for Flames of War system (still), but this time I'm working on the Soviets.

Small little triumph here, unfortunately no pix yet, but I think I have solved a dilemma I was having about the proper shade of Soviet uniforms.

Nearly everything I have seen, prior to the introduction of the m-1943 uniform, has been done in a myriad of colors ranging from yellows, to browns. Khaki (more or less), or a light brown seems to be the "default" setting for most Soviet figures of WW2. That REAAALLY didn't sit too well with me, especially after watching "Enemy at the Gates". Yes, I am blaming Jude Law for my conundrum, but let me explain.

If one watches the film and pays particularly close attention to the Soviet uniforms, they do not appear to be khaki, or brown at all. It is a hard color to describe... kind of a "greenish mustard" type of thing. When one peruses the Soviet re-enactor and/or re-enactor vendor sites, they find pretty much the same thing. Perhaps even MORE greenish as the photos generally depict brand new or close to new clothing and not serviceworn just yet. After a bit of searching, and dreading the possibility of having to experiment and mix my own concoction, I found CITADEL's "Gretchen Green". When layed against a black-primed figure, a subdued yellow with a green tint is what you will find. So far, I seem to get just enough of both colors to make it work for me.

Now, this is all well and good but some photography should be in order. It is, and it will soon be on it's way. Stay tuned militia fans...